No Experience Needed

AACT will pay you while you get trained, on your way to a guaranteed 4-year apprenticeship in advanced manufacturing with benefits and built-in pay increases. Sign up today to be on your way to a 9-week paid training program.

A Career Path

Madison County employers need you for career-path jobs in advanced manufacturing. Train for positions including CNC Machinist, Machinist, Tool Maker, and Maintenance Mechanic and continue your training and education through your employment to achieve journey worker status through a New York State registered apprenticeship. Reserve your spot today.

Learn, Grow, Thrive

Orientation begins with a required information session on August 21 and you must be present to be considered for the program. Training begins in September and runs through November. Starting pay post-training is $13/hr and includes built-in, merit-based pay increases over the 4-year apprenticeship period.

Start Your Career with AACT!

We're offering a unique opportunity to get paid while you're trained for an Apprenticeship in Advanced Manufacturing jobs in Madison County, NY. Qualified applicants will be selected for a nine week training program in a one-of-a-kind mobile learning lab. 

Training will be delivered at Madison County Career Center by OCC.

Mobile Learning Lab Provided by Camden Community College

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