No Experience Needed

AACT will pay you while you get trained, on your way to a guaranteed 4-year apprenticeship in advanced manufacturing with benefits and built-in pay increases. Sign up today to be on your way to a 10-week paid training program.

A Career Path

Employers need you for career-path jobs in advanced manufacturing. Train for positions including CNC Machinist, Machinist, and Maintenance Mechanic and continue your training and education through your employment to achieve journey worker status through a New York State registered apprenticeship. Reserve your spot today.

Learn, Grow, Thrive

Orientation begins with a required information session on February 20 and you must be present to be considered for the program. Training begins in March and runs through May. Starting pay post-training is $13/hr and includes built-in, merit-based pay increases over the 4-year apprenticeship period.

Start Your Career with AACT!

We're offering a unique opportunity to get paid while you're trained for an Apprenticeship in Advanced Manufacturing jobs in Madison County, NY. Qualified applicants will be selected for a nine week training program in a one-of-a-kind mobile learning lab. 

Training will be delivered at Madison County Career Center by OCC.

*** Registration is now closed for the Spring AACT Session. ***

If you are interested in being included in the Summer or Fall session, please submit your information here.

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